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It is a remarkable alternative or complementary to bonds, funds and securities.

If you are in good hands..

Recruit 2 Experienced Analysts, 6 Winner Robots and 1 A.I. to be the Smartest Forex Investor

What is Forex & Trading the Forex Market ?

(2:27 min.)

2,5% monthly average since 2014

We serve people who need to diversify their portfolio in order to earn more income. We help them make an average of 2,5% monthly increase (in USD) in their accounts since 2014.

  • No Management Fees or Profit Sharing (no touch to your profit)
  • No upfront or recurring payments, only 0,5 pip spread widening
  • Start or Stop anytime
  • Deposit or Withdraw anytime

6 years of yield over 500%

If you earn 2,5% monthly, you will make 34,5% at the end of the year. The yield will be 143,25% at the end of third year. 

To be honest, we are not promising anything but just showing the math of our past performance.

Formula: We provide you with consistent performance. You can use Multiplier to increase your profit.
You can take initiative to earn more according to your risk appetite.
Successful people are good decision makers, are you one of them?

Verified Performance

Our performance on real trading accounts are verified by respectable and award winning FxBlue.


Ready to Start

Eyewitness our real time performance. You can try DEMO on your Mobile Phone.
We made 6 Unique and Sustainable Winner Strategies automated for endurance.
 Machine Learning System (AI) for Risk Management  is added for a foreseeable and controlled risk.
Artificial Intelligence supports our Experience
Read the Strategy 



      What We Do for You:

We give a forex copying service that you can copy our trades automatically within miliseconds by means of a special Copier.
We are in financial markets since 1997 and creating and testing forex trading strategies since 2004.
Today, we are composing 6 unparallel strategies . We have strict risk management rules along with a Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence program (AI) developed inhouse according to our 16 years of experience. ( Learn more about our AI : Arya )
Forex is a zero-sum game that the ineligibles lose while the professionals win!

       Who is This Service for:

It is for the people who have the risk appetite to earn extra yield to their investments. The minimum initial deposit should be at least 3.500 usd or equivalence in other currencies for a reasonably foreseeable risk management and risk/profit equilibrium.

       How to Proceed:

You will open your own investment account with one of our preferred Brokers. They are well-regulated Brokerage Houses with  Multilingual Customer Service. That account will be in your name and you will have all the control and authority.

      Your Own Control & 100% Security :

We don't ask you for Limited Power of Attorney (LPA) or your account details like your password or Passport/National ID.
You can Start/Stop anytime with one click on the Copier. Beside that you can deposit or withdraw whenever you want                       
        It's for FREE, HOW?
We are compensated with a reasonable portion of your Buy/Sell trading spread by your Broker. So there is a mutual benefit here: the longer you are happy with the performance and stay with us, the more and perpetually we earn. By this way, there is no 'conflict of interest' between you, us and the Broker. This is the healthiest environment for all parties.
       Follow Your Account Real Time:
Your trading account works on a Trading Platform which you will be able to reach from your PC, mobile phone and Tablet. It is live and with you for round the clock. Your Broker will be providing you with them all.
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